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10 Easy Typing Jobs: How to Make Money Fast and Easily Leave a comment

10 Easy Typing Jobs: How to Make Money Fast and Easily

Section 1: Introduction

In the last couple of years, the best-selling books about typography were full of promise. Many of these authors wrote that the job market is declining, and that the industry is seeing a larger number of lay-offs. More books on this subject are sure to follow.

However, new employment information has been released over the past few months. These data are limited in scope. So we must remember that this information can be skewed. And in any case, it’s not the complete story, just a part of it. So let’s examine this information to gain a complete understanding of the changing market conditions, and to determine if these trends are leading us toward a bigger job market or not.

Roles Becoming Fewer

The economy has continued to improve. The nation is adding jobs.

Typing Jobs for Beginners

One of the best part about word processing software programs is the diversity of the typefaces it comes with.

There are a ton of different fonts, and while they look great, sometimes you’re not sure where to start.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

I’m here to show you 10 easy Typing Jobs you can get right now!

Choose a font that’s perfect for your job. Pick your choice carefully, though, as you don’t want the body text being too similar to the introduction.

It will make the reader focus on the introduction and then forget what’s in the body copy.

It will take the reader out of the flow and make them suffer.

So, look carefully at the typefaces available, select one and start typing!

Tip: Typing jobs look best in a font you like!

Important: Be safe.

Data Entry

Log of data into a database is used in many different processes, including tracking payments, tracking real estate sales, or simply as a means of reporting information to the world.

Data entry can be an on-the-job process, or it can be a one-time task for those who have an industry-specific skill. This makes data entry a great way to get experience with a variety of skill sets that may help with your future job search.

Data entry jobs can be seen as rewarding or stressful. Some tasks can be accomplished quickly, while others require time and focus. Some jobs require you to input data by typing, while others require you to input the data into a spreadsheet.



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Tons of talented writers are looking for freelance work from small businesses and startups, and many are willing to work for a low hourly rate and a limited set of restrictions.

Medical Transcription

Oftentimes, you’ll hear or read about these online job sites. You will also find these in the smaller communities of the nation. You can also find medical transcription jobs at smaller local newspapers.

These are just a few of the ways that people are making money online and it doesn’t take a degree or years of experience to do it. You can do it just by browsing online for your favorite topics, or even by having a high-quality degree from a reputable school.

5. Great Way to Become an Executive Assistant

Executive Assistants are paid to help manage employees, executives, and other key personnel.

The whole office just falls apart without an assistant. In fact, the executive’s job requires a lot of managing too.

Typing Jobs for Experienced Typists

Sometimes, the primary reason why typing isn’t your primary skill set is because you are using it wrong, or because you’re just bored with the profession. This could leave you out of work or even struggling to make ends meet.

But just because you can type well doesn’t mean that you can’t make extra cash doing it. Here are 10 types of typing jobs that will make you a lot more money than sitting at your computer for 9 hours a day:

1. Online Typing Tutor

Do you have the patience to sit there for an hour at a time correcting other people’s mistakes online?

The job will pay around $60 per hour.

2. School Cleaning

Once a week you’ll be assigned to a public or private school.

Legal Transcription

Public Relations

Social Media

Graphic Design

Video Production

Video Editing

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

At $800 or Less

Paychex Accounting

Photo Editing

Web Design



Building IT

Tech Support


Orchestra Assistant

For around $800 or less, you can land a day job that will get you started on the road to financial independence. Or if you want more of a career, these gigs will get you some experience in a field. Consider doing an internship before you graduate, and then turning it into a full-time job when you graduate.

Court Reporting

Court reporting is an industry that people can make a lot of money with. The problem is that it’s a tough industry to get into, and it takes a lot of work to get a decent salary. But if you can get started, it will pay off quickly.

There are two things that make the job difficult: You have to be able to type fast, and you have to be able to read court orders. Most clerks have to do both, and they are willing to pay you the best pay if you can make their jobs easier and faster.

Using your legal background, you can take any instructions and correct them the same day they come in the mail. Or if there are several similar requests, you can figure out how they should be done without leaving the office.

The next step is to make a business card and start giving private dictation to attorneys.

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