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Online Shopping in Pakistan

The first Robot Wars video that could be obtained was American Robot Wars 1996 in 1998, which could be purchased upon joining the Robot Wars Club. It featured battles taken from the 1996 edition of the original US Robot Wars events. In addition to the full release, a short preview video was sent to new members of the Robot Wars Club as part of their membership pack.

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The first home console release was Robot Wars: Arenas of Destruction. This game allowed the player to earn credits to compete in global championships across eight hugely different arenas. The hazards and number of corner patrol zones varies from level to level. The player starts with a machine entitled “My First Bot”, and can either sell it to buy or build a new robot, or upgrade (and rename) the game’s starter machine. Various single- and two-player multiplayer modes are available, making Arenas of Destruction the first Robot Wars video game to feature the latter. This game provided the debut of Terrorhurtz, since the videogame was released before Heat L of the Fifth Wars was shown on television. Nine other real-life competitors in their Series 4 iterations were unlockable in the game, plus a fictional robot named Thor, which was created based on a fan competition. However it had no relation to the competitor which competed between Series 6 and 10.

Online Shopping in Pakistan

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Following this, the Ultimate Warrior Collection was released in late July 2002, the first Robot Wars titles to be released on DVD as well as VHS. It consisted of a series of four individual releases, three of which were dedicated to some of the most successful competitors in the show’s history at the time of The Fifth Wars. Competitors to receive their own Ultimate Warrior Collection releases were Chaos 2, Hypno-Disc and Razer. Each of the latter releases featured interviews with the roboteers who built and entered their respective robots, footage of almost every battle the teams fought in prior to the Sixth Wars, and a detailed look into how their robots were built and operated. The final Ultimate Warrior Collection edition, Sir Killalot and the House Robots, was dedicated to the House Robots, showcasing each of the original five House Robots’ best and worst moments as well as numerous behind-the-scenes segments and interviews with House Roboteers, including designer Chris Reynolds. Sir Killalot and the House Robots also featured a preview of Mr. Psycho and Growler, House Robots which were introduced to Robot Wars after the videos were filmed. All four Ultimate Warrior Collection titles could be purchased separately, or as a four-volume boxset.

Online Shopping in Pakistan

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Robot Wars: Advanced Destruction for the Game Boy Advance had four game modes, and along with Arenas of Destruction, was the first to have a multiplayer mode, allowing up to four people to play at any one time. A mode of note is the Mayhem battle mode, where the player faces every robot in the game, making for a 20-way melee. This is the largest number of robots in an arena at any time in any Robot Wars game, and is more than any televised battle ever had.

In August 2019, a new wave of Robot Wars toys were quietly released online, depicting Sir Killalot, Matilda, Shunt and Dead Metal as metal construction sets. Although the timing and branding of the packaging coincided with the reboot of Robot Wars, the toys themselves were based on the Series 3-4 versions of the House Robots. The product range includes:

Robot Wars Merchandise was released as the show gained popularity following its debut series in 1998. A variety of merchandise was released, including video/DVD releases, books, video games and toys based on the competitors and House Robots, among others, generating a high volume of sales and revenue throughout the original run of Robot Wars.

Online Shopping in Pakistan

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