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The first flowers in space | Super Bazar Shopping Leave a comment

The first flowers in space | Super Bazar shopping in Pakistan

The types of goods being sold is also quite different. Pasar pagi is where many housewives, domestic help, and local folks appear to shop their daily needs, mostly fresh produce. The things which are on sale are usually fresh produce, including fruits, vegetables, spices, fish, meat, eggs, and all kinds of perishable products. While pasar malam caters to a leisurely shopping and eating-out activity, selling ready-to-eat food, snacks, clothing, and knick-knacks.[citation needed]

In 1947, Peshawar became part of the newly created state of Pakistan, and emerged as a cultural centre in the country’s northwest. The partition of India saw the departure of many Hindko-speaking Hindus and Sikhs who held key positions in the economy of Peshawar.[86][87] The University of Peshawar was established in the city in 1950, and augmented by the amalgamation of nearby British-era institutions into the university.[88] Until the mid-1950s, Peshawar was enclosed within a city wall and sixteen gates. In the 1960s, Peshawar was a base for a CIA operation to spy on the Soviet Union, with the 1960 U-2 incident resulting aircraft an aircraft flown from Peshawar was shot down by the Soviets. From the 1960s until the late 1970s, Peshawar was a major stop on the famous Hippie trail.[89]

The population of Peshawar district in 1998 was 2,026,851.[101] The city’s annual growth rate is estimated at 3.29% per year,[102] and the 2016 population of Peshawar district is estimated to be 3,405,414.[103] With a population of 1,970,042 according to the 2017 census, Peshawar is the sixth-largest city of Pakistan.[7] and the largest city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, with a population five times higher than the second-largest city in the province.

Super Bazar shopping in Pakistan

Super Bazar shopping in Pakistan

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Across the Mediterranean and Aegean, a network of markets emerged from the early Bronze Age. A vast array of goods were traded including: salt, lapiz-lazuli, dyes, cloth, metals, pots, ceramics, statues, spears and other implements. Archaeological evidence suggests that Bronze Age traders segmented trade routes according to geographical circuits.[8] Both produce and ideas travelled along these trade routes.[9]

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Super Bazar shopping in Pakistan

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Super Bazar shopping in Pakistan

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