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At only two seasons in with her own label, Michelle Ochs has again firmly hit her stride. Her debut last season saw her propose new takes on the her sexy body-con slinky silhouettes — with cutouts and modern design tweaks — an aesthetic she was known for at her previous label. Now with pre-fall, she takes these concepts and adds on by rounding out her customer’s wardrobe with covetable knits, leather separates and even some denim.

The look: Inspired by German artist Andreas Gursky, Ochs’ looks offer a modern take on what it is to be sexy for a modern customer,  complete with panel cutouts and slash details with a razor-like fit. “I want to re-wardrobe her,” she said.

Quote of note: “It’s still sexy dress, but I wanted to focus on sexy essentials and what it means to get dressed today,” she said.

Key pieces: Ribbed knits in muted tones,  black bolero leather moto jacket, clay colored wide pants, dark wash wide-legged denim, T-shirt bodysuit, stacked leggings, several trenchcoats with slash and cutout details.

Takeaway: Ochs delivers utility through dress, filling out the slinky body-con pieces she is known for with fresh takes on how to fully wardrobe a modern customer with design nuances like hints of skin and new proportions.

Source: WWD

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