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Super Bazar Shopping | Breakfast Grocery Bag (Weekly Package

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Super Bazar Shopping | Breakfast Grocery Bag (Weekly Package

Now you can even send grocery items as gifts and provide convenience to your loved ones. Super bazar Shopping have always tried to provide a unique idea to their customers so that they can facilitate their families in Pakistan no matter where they are. It includes a variety of grocery items from renowned brands, which are listed below:

-2 Large Dawn/Bake Parlour Breads
-1 Container of Blue Band Margarine (250 gms)
-1 Nurpur Butter (200 gms)
-1 Sack of Sugar (250 gms)
-1 Every Day (400 gms)
-1 Pack of Dawn/Bake Parlour Rusks
-1 Box of Cornflakes (250 gms)
-1 Box of Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags (50 tea bags)
-1 Box of Green Tea Bag (34 gms)
-1 Nestle Nescafe Classic (50 gms)
-1 Pack of Lipton Yellow Label Loose Tea (400 gms)
-2 Dozen Eggs
-1 Bottle of Langnese Honey (250 gms)
-1 Bottle of Mayonnaise (946 ml)
-1 Small Bottle of Tomato Ketchup
-1 Bottle of Mitchell’s Jam (450 gms)
-2 Containers of Olpers/MilkPak/Nesvita Milk (1 ltr. each)
-3 Packs of Nestle Juices (Mango/Apple/Orange)
-1 Pack of Happy Cow Cheese (12 Slices)



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