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Steve McQueen’s Film ‘Embarrassed’ is Raising Awareness of Prostate Cancer Amongst Black Men Leave a comment

Raising awareness for life-threatening diseases is as important as ever. With over 166,000 cancer deaths in the UK each year, spreading helpful information is crucial and can help people see early signs of the illness. To spread the word about male prostate cancer, critically acclaimed artist and director, Sir Steve McQueen, has come together with the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and British brand Belstaff to create a film to raise prostate cancer awareness amongst Black men.

This specific form of cancer is found in 1-in-4 Black men, and sadly 1-in-12 will die from the disease. Black men are twice as likely to be diagnosed with the illness than men of other ethnicities.

Titled Embarrassed, the film directed by McQueen features a star-studded cast including the likes of Idris Elba OBE, Chiwetel Ejiofor CBE, Morgan Freeman and Micheal Ward. The two-minute short presents the cast sitting in front of a simple white backdrop, speaking into the camera in all seriousness as the topic demands. The film and campaign aims to encourage all men to overcome the negative stigma around getting tested. Early diagnoses saves lives.


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