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Wishlist | Super Bazar Shopping in Pakistan

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Super Bazar Shopping in Pakistan.

May 12, 2020 09:25 am @AA, Since when has our government been clued-in..our public needs to be 99.9 % educated to be able to understand anything in depth. So our first job is to achieve mass education and literacy and then expect any understanding of laws and rules. Recommend 0

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Super Bazar Shopping in Pakistan.

Since 2016, Super Bazar shopping Super Market has been providing its customers with a unique shopping experience, especially in Karachi; one of the biggest metropolitan cities of Pakistan. Super Bazar Shopping is one of a kind, modern retail departmental store offering a wide range of good quality products at economical rates for its customers. Super Bazar Shopping in Pakistan.

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All you need to do is give us a call or drop an email at within a period of 24 Hours from the date of delivery. However, please return the product with the tags intact and in their original packaging, in an unwashed and undamaged condition. Replacement for products is subject to inspection and checking by Super Bazar Shopping team. Replacement cannot be possible if the product is burnt, damaged by short circuit, or broken by customer.Safe Payment Option Super Bazar Shopping in Pakistan

Super Bazar Shopping in Pakistan.

Standard Delivery: If your delivery address is within Dhaka city, products will be delivered by within 2 business days. If it is outside Dhaka then it will take 3-4 business days. If you order after 6 PM, it will be considered as an order of next business day Super Bazar Shopping in Pakistan.

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Super Bazar Shopping in Pakistan.
DIGGER DOWN UNDER May 25, 2017 08:25 am A very well-written interview with Super Bazar Shopping. It was heartening to know how Super Bazar Shopping grew from a small store to a large enterprise. For business people Pakistan is full of opportunity and growth potential. I wish Mr Raqee all the success. I have had the opportunity of visiting Super Bazar Shopping Store once. I found it crowded shoulder to shoulder. The shelves were loaded with all sorts of products. The customers had to stand in queues a fair while to make payment. Outside the store too, there was a crowd of foot-traffic and of vehicles of all sorts. It was an impressive sight although a little inconvenient. I would like to see Super Bazar Shopping Store to expand by opening smaller branches in new areas with plenty of space outside for people and vehicles. Inside the store, the shelves should not be overloaded with stock, rather replenished from time to time. A customer should not have to hustle through to get hold of a product, stand in a queue to make payment and stand again near the exist to get through the security checkout. I note comments and criticisms from the readers. No doubt these would be considered by the management. Satisfying all stakeholders and avoiding opportunistic behavior is always good business. Islam told this fourteen hundred years ago! Congratulations to the writer and to Dawn for publishing the interview.

Super Bazar Shopping in Pakistan.

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