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This Holiday Season, Show Your Gratitude With These Best Friend Gifts Leave a comment

In the before times (pre-pandemic and social distancing), I received a care package at my New York City apartment that contained a book and a heartfelt note. It was received, out of the blue, from a friend who lives across the country and the unexpected thoughtfulness was more touching than almost any gift I had received on a birthday or anniversary—holidays with a wrapped present on the itinerary. It showed me she cared, even when she wasn’t obliged to, and it caused a ripple effect. Soon after, I got into the habit of sending small gifts and handwritten notes to my friends and loved ones, too.

Last year, the pandemic almost instantly classified many relationships—romantic and otherwise—as long-distance. When lockdown began, I sent each of my sisters a set of buttery-soft pajamas to provide some comfort as they stayed inside for what ended up being months. Now, more than a year later, we’ve learned the power of a thoughtful gift. Sending one irrespective of a special occasion and just because, could make all the difference in a loved ones’ day. The past year taught us when physical togetherness isn’t an option, phone calls, video chats, and mailed mementos are paramount. With life starting to edge back to normal, it’s good to remember this sentiment.

Here, 29 day-brightening best friend gifts for the special people in your life.

A Namesake Necklace

Stone And Strand’s initial necklace makes for a sweet, personalized gift. Gift them one with their first initial, last, or, for the friend who has just had a new baby— the initial of their child.

Stone and Strand initial sparkle gold diamond necklace

An Elevated Slipper

Bring a little luxury to days spent lounging at home with this pair of elevated, fanciful velvet slippers from Olivia Morris.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Footwear, and Sandal

Olivia Morris at Home velvet Daphne bow slippers

A Coordinating Kitchen Set

Italian brand La DoubleJ is known for its chic, maximalist patterns. Instantly enhance their kitchen with a matching apron, oven mitt, pot holder, and dishcloth set in a bold La DoubleJ print.

1639274611 472 slide 18

La DoubleJ slinky Rosso-print apron, mitt, and cloth set

An AM Pick Me Up

Help your friend stay awake and save money on coffee with this cold brew starter pack by Chamberlain coffee that provides everything needed to brew a good cup of icy Joe swiftly.

Image may contain: Food, and Peanut Butter

Chamberlain Coffee cold brew starter pack

A Pantry Makeover

Have a foodie for a best friend? Help them jazz up their dishes and upgrade their pantries with Acid League’s roster of creative bottles of vinegar.

Image may contain: Food, Syrup, and Seasoning

Acid League Big League vinegar kit

A Bedside Carafe

Post-pandemic, we’re investing more into our homes as work schedules fluctuate between forever-WFH to part-time in the office. Gift your friends a pretty bedside carafe to help them stay hydrated day or night while at home.

Image may contain: Glass, Bottle, Shaker, and Cup

Vanilla Bean water carafe and cup set

An Artistic Candle 

Upgrade their decor (and set the mood!) with some artful, deliciously scented luxury candles. Loewe took the candle world by storm with their home fragrance launch, and now these artful iterations double as home decor.

Image may contain: Candle

Loewe Home Scents Coriander scented candle

A Beauty Buy

The latest beauty products from a favorite luxury brand are chic, thoughtful, and simultaneously won’t break the bank.

Image may contain: Cosmetics, and Lipstick

Hermès Les Mains Hermes nail enamel

A Weighted Blanket

Forget the standard throw blanket, when it comes to best friend gifts an aesthetically pleasing weighted blanket can provide much-needed calm when your friends need it most.

Image may contain: Blanket, and Rug

A Handcare Kit 

We’re washing our hands more diligently than ever before. Send a friend a luxe handcare kit from Aesop that will keep their skin from getting too dry and double as decor.

Image may contain: Bottle

A Workout Upgrade

A great friend upgrades your workout gear.

Image may contain: Bib

Tory Sport color-block racerback bra

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Pants, and Plot

Tory Sport super high-rise weightless color-block leggings

Image may contain: Lens Cap

Bala weights and resistance bands set

Fresh Flowers

More time spent at home means you can actually stop to smell the flowers and take in the beauty of a bouquet each day.

Image may contain: Plant, Graphics, Floral Design, Art, Pattern, Flower, Blossom, Flower Arrangement, and Flower Bouquet

Urban Stems The Bold Floral bouquet

A Cozy Sweater

A cozy sweater that’s polished enough for Zoom calls or in-office meetings makes for a wardrobe staple and a thoughtful gift.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Sweater, Cardigan, and Scarf

La Ligne striped cotton and cashmere-blend sweater

Gift Cards

Gift cards for books or groceries are always a welcome gift. Start a long-distance book club with a friend, or give them the push to finally try that recipe you’ve been talking about.

Image may contain: Text, and Label

Barnes & Noble Book Stack gift card

Image may contain: Advertisement, Poster, Brochure, Paper, and Flyer

Whole Foods Market gift card

A Luxe Journal

Writing can be therapeutic. Leave a heartfelt note on the first page of the journal before sending it to your friend.

slide 29

Smythson Panama printed textured-leather notebook

A Kitchen Upgrade

Sometimes, the best gifts are rooted in utility. While Our Place’s Always Pan has reached It-status for its multifunctional use, the brand’s new pot that bakes, crisps, and steams feels like a helpful and chic gift to give a friend.

slide 33

Cozy Shoes

As we’ve recently discovered, the ultimate shoe is the slipper. Now, it’s the ever-comfortable, easy-on, easy-off clog that will get just as much wear at home as it will while running errands.

slide 36

Ugg ultra mini classic boots

A Heartfelt Game

Take game night up a notch with a set of playing cards that force you to have memorable conversations from a distance.

Image may contain: Text, Business Card, and Paper

We’re Not Really Strangers card game

A Potted Plant

Plants have a lot of therapeutic benefits and add a bit of nature that (hopefully) won’t perish as quickly as a bouquet of flowers.

Image may contain: Plant, and Leaf

The Sill Monstera deliciosa plant

Buttery-Soft Pajamas

There’s nothing quite like ending the day by putting on a new pair of super-soft pajamas. This pair will surely provide some extra comfort.

Image may contain: Clothing, Apparel, Overcoat, Coat, and Suit

Cosabella Bella relaxed long sleeve top & pant

A Daily Planner

Working from home requires extra structure. A daily planner can help them get organized.

Image may contain: Text, and Pattern

Papier x Rosie Assoulin paisley 2021 planner

A Silk Eye Mask

The best gift ideas for friends can be as simple as helping restore their rest each night with a silk eye mask.

Image may contain: Mat, Cushion, and Mousepad

Brooklinen mulberry silk eye mask

A Handwritten Note

A handwritten note is one of the easiest (and most impactful) ways to communicate your love and gratitude to all your loved ones.

slide 35

L’Objet Linda’s Lito-Eye Stationery Set

Something Sweet

This year the holidays are back in full swing and countless gatherings with friends are filling up our calendars. For your next fête or feast, bring along a quintessential holiday Christmas Cake with candied pear and chocolate pieces as a fun treat.

Image may contain: Diaper, and Tape

Vogue Panettone pear and chocolate, 2-lbs

A Designer Deck

While you can’t go wrong with a regular deck of playing cards, gift them an elevated designer deck. It will be just as much of a statement accessory to have on display as it is an activity for a rainy night at home.

Image may contain: Game, and First Aid

Gucci Geometric G playing card set

A Dose of DIY

For the friend always up to something, give them a pretty piece of jewelry to DIY themselves.

1639274611 529 slide 2

Roxanne Assoulin candy DIY cord, enamel, and gold-tone necklace kit

Source: Vouge

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